Thank You for the Prints (Testimonials)

Here are few unsolicited e-mails from very satisfied customers.  In fact, since 1999 (when I first offered these prints online) there have been exactly two returns.  And those were because the prints were damaged in shipping.  In other words, the good print still blows away the small web image.

I cannot even remember how long ago it was that I purchased this matted print from you. I think it may have been in the early 2000’s when I was living in shreveport Louisiana. I have moved back home to Wisconsin and it definitely traveled well!
I love it and now it adorns my cubicle wall. It reminds me to be still even when everything around me is buzzing in motion.
Sincerely, M.

Hi Dave,
I received Night Storm yesterday. It arrived safely. Thank You for packaging it so well. The print is so beautiful. The image of it on your web site can’t compare to the actual print itself. My wife took it to a picture frame/gallery store to buy me a frame for Christmas. She told me that when the store owner saw the print his first reaction was “WOW! Who is this guy? Is he new?”

I thought I’d let you know that my ‘Promenade’ (original title for Poets Walk) print arrived this morning. Its amazing! You’re right about the grey tones; there’s a gorgeous three
dimensional quality as the trees fade in the distance; I could just take a stroll down there! Its going next to Night Storm on my wall so when I wake in the morning I can see something that inspires me. Print arrived in superb condition with no creases, bumps or bangs; you have packaging down to an art too!


I love the print Crossing Brooklyn Bridge), out of the three I’ve bought I think thats my favourite. I’ve run out of superlatives to describe your images but this is the dog’s bollocks (is that a US phrase too?). That guy is so cool, I’d love to know where he’d come from and where he was going. He looks like he didn’t know either!!! Great stuff. Allan, England

Hello Dave,
This past Saturday I finally got the chance to go and see the photographs of Dorothea Lange at the Paul Getty museum. So, basically the day started on a photographic foot. But, the highlight of the day was not until I came home and found the package at our doorstep. I don’t know for how long I was sitting in front of the print of your Promenade and admiring the quality of the print both aesthetically and technically. I also loved the card. Thanks for cutting me a deal. I’ll be back for more of your prints. ” V.

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m a “collector” or anything remotely resembling that status. I just love your work. You have a great photographic eye and all your prints are very high quality at reasonable prices. In addition, you offer great customer service, speedy and efficient delivery (I don’t know anyone who can package prints better than you!), and a money-back guarantee. What more could you ask for? (p.s. you can quote me on that too or use me a reference)

“You’re absolutely right about the packaging. You have it down to a science! Many of my friends commented about how beautiful your pictures are — even the people at the frame store commented about them!!” M. C. Several prints including Turtle Pond Smoke

Received my print yesterday (The Oldest Hallway). Stunning as usual. It will look great in my den. Photographs of indoor interiors using natural light have always been a favorite. There is something very special about the place to me. Feels like home — no matter who’s home it really is. I think your image really captures that feeling. And to have the number one print — that is special.

Mr. Beckerman,
Just wanted to let you know – I have four of your prints on my walls and everyone that comes over comments about how much they like them…
R.J. – Houston

Fantastic! Period.

I wanted to let you know that my brother loved the prints (Poet’s Walk and Subway Car). I gave them to him as a Christmas present. I also wanted you to know that your service was impeccable – thank you. K.C. (New York)

Dave, On the Mark arrived in perfect shape. I’ve been under the weather for 8 days and only today got glass for mounting. The tone quality is marvelous. It’s a beautiful print and will hang with my other three Beckermans. Thank you.

Just wanted to drop a short line of thanks for getting the print over to me so fast. Appreciate things got held up my side arranging for collection. Anyways, the print arrived in perfect condition and is a joy to look at. My guardian of the wall (i.e. the missus) was equally impressed and has no problem with framing and displaying it in a prominant position in the house. So well done there! G. (Japan)