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Videos I’ve made about still photography.  Some of them are pretty funny (check out the matting video).

My Favorite Vid on Matting Prints

My special thing is trying to take the most boring subject and making it interesting.  That sock is now about 35 years old.  To be honest, I don’t do my own matting any longer.  But it’s fun to look back at when I did.

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Friday the 13th

From the desk of ONE PICTURE PRODUCTIONS (literally) Here’s how my mind (or eye) moves through the picture; or at least what it wants to understand. Here’s the original full shot – in black & white.

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Old Timer Coney Island Vid

Cyclone Coney and Clips

Nothing is planned on these outings.  I think it’s the surprises that keep you going back.  Nothing is ever the same, no matter how many times you go there.  You know – that “you can’t step in the same river twice,” is especially true for candid photography.  Whether it’s moving pictures, or interviews, or snaps […]

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One Hand Clapping?

Or two hands… they went in and out of sync with each other.  It was if they were attached through the tapping of the hands.

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