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Pictures of Ghost Stations of the New York City subway. These are stations that were once used, but are no longer. One or two of them are maintained for tours (City Hall Station).

18th Street Ghost Nice Station

More from the 18th street “Ghost Station” on the 6 train line.  

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Reinstalling Masstransiscope

What’s fascinating about this installation, is that normally, film, runs through the projector gate (or at least in the old days that’s how it worked) at a certain speed, once 18 fps, then in the sound era 24 frames per second. Video is usually flashing by at 30 fps. Here you do the moving past […]

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New York City Ghost Stations

City Hall Ghost Station Stairs Sign

Yesterday… still working on techniques but getting closer.  

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18th Street Ghost Station Stairs

Shot today from moving train with on camera flash.  I also have a wireless trigger, but apparently haven’t figured out how it works yet.  Still considering – making progress.

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Face in the Tunnel

No. This face isn’t photoshopped in. And no, I didn’t see it as I was speeding by in the train. A lot of the fun of shooting the tunnels in the dark is you really don’t know what you’ll find. Sort of urban archeology. Anyway – from what I can tell – it looks like […]

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City Hall Ghost Station

City Hall Ghost Subway Station

The project continues… Hopefully tomorrow I’ll pick up a battery pack for the Sunpak 383 so that I can get faster recycle times. The train generally goes through the City Hall station at full speed. To do this right, you’ve got to be able to fire off a burst from the flash – or else […]

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Worth Ghost Station

Ghost Subway Stations

Spent some more time working on techniques for photographing “ghost” subway stations with Weber.  It’s tricky stuff to do; but it can be done.  It’s amazing to me what is underground, mostly in the dark.  Here’s a sample from yesterday – from the Worth Street ? station on the 6 line. Preparing equipment to do […]

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Ghost Tags in the Subway

Some new testing today — using Sunpak flash – through subway windows on the #6 train – in what was just about complete darkness.  It’s pretty complex, because the flash, if it’s not flush against the window, leaks and spots on the window show up. Besides that, flash setup I’m using is not auto – […]

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Ghost Subway Stations Part 3

It’s dark in those subway tunnels.  Very dark.  And what started as a whim, trying to catch glimpses of the abandoned stations, has broadened out into an interesting experiment (at least interesting to me). Most abandoned stations can’t easily visited.  Which is to say there are about three or four (maybe) that you can make […]

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