First Snow

Finding Your Photo Style

Many photographers, especially when they’re first starting out, are advised to find their own personal photographic style. And even after you’ve been shooting for many years, it’s one of the things you wonder about. Do you have a personal photographic style? If you do – can you define it? After decades of shooting I began[…]

The Old Job

Bernie H.

When I got out of Columbia’s adult program for programmers (1.5 years) my first job was programming at a small firm in Princeton.  Since I needed the job, you know how it is, you’ve got to get that first job under your belt, I commuted from the lower east side to Princeton during the week for about half a year.  That became idiotic and I moved out to Princeton into what I suppose you’d call a boarding house.  It was a terrible job, with a terrible boss who was always yelling at you; and you couldn’t do anything to please him. […]