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Black and white photography of New York City. Mostly. I’ve been to a few other places, so you might find an Ansel-type shot or two; or even a little HCB in Paris; but 90% of my b&w work was done in NY.


Sisters UES

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Met with Hologon

Metropolitan Museum Wide Angle

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Street Performers Battery Park

Well, I did line them up with that tower in b.g. I just noticed that, looking at the image again after ten plus years.

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GW Bridge

View from George Washington Bridge

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NYC Marathon

NYC Marathon 2005 1st Avenue

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Motorcycle in Rain at Night

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New York Subway

Sax in the Subway

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Night Storm Schurz Park

After Poet’s Walk this is the next best selling print on the site. This was in Carl Schurz Park on the upper east side. This goes back to 1995 or so. Another photograph of a walkway in fog – Carl Schurz Park.

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New Year's Eve Phones

New Years Eve Phones

Towards Times Square at midnight, 2010. This shot was used in a feature documentary about Matt Weber (the NYC photographer).  It was a thrill to see it blown up on the big screen.  I can remember the audience gasping when they saw it.

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Halloween Times Square

The Wild Ones

On the way back home, at Times Square Station – like a bolt of lightning – the girls came running towards us (I was with Matt W.) and we both fired as quickly as possible.  Matt turned to me and said, that was like a “coda” – to the evening.  “No, not coda.  What’s the […]

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Under the Westside Highway

Under Westside Highway

Under the Westside Highway, New York. Photo Tips: If you’re looking for this effect, you’ll need to use a telephoto lens to compress the arches.  This was shot with a 200mm lens on a full frame camera.

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Abandoned Dumbo

Photographed with large format film camera circa 1993 by Dave Beckerman.  This is on Water Street in Brooklyn.  I believe it is now a bakery, but I’m not sure.

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