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Black and White Photography of New YorkBlack and white photography of New York City. Mostly. I’ve been to a few other places, so you might find an Ansel-type shot or two; or even a little HCB in Paris; but 90% of my b&w work was done in NY.

I can’t say that I ever had a style, unless it was to keep changing styles. You’ll find black and white infrared, both from film (Kodak HIE) and also from DSLRs that had been converted to IR.

You’ll find about every form of camera in the world (except for glass plates). From 4 x 5 view camera with spotmeter and Zone System; through to the latest digital cameras and beyond. And to think, all in black and white (and shades in between).

Retail Space

Prime Retail Space 2009

Benches and Boardwalk

Benches on Boardwalk

Strangers on a Train

Strangers on a Train

We Don’t intend to Close It

Bloody Newspapers

Newspapers 1995


Sisters UES

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