Subway Car Interior


Subway Car Interior

Photography with a large view camera on a tripod. Back in the film days. Produced a 4 x 5 inch negative.

Ten seconds later, the train filled with people, and I hurried off. The police are not crazy about photographers with tripods in the subway, much less view cameras. Anyway – if you like detail in your prints – let’s just say that you can easily read the phone number in the ad at the end of the car. One of those prints that I’d say works best at a very large size.

Hi Dave,
The print arrived today. It’s fantastic. (Subway Car Interior). I’m sure it will be loved this weekend, thanks for the rush and for the note card which will make for a great birthday card. I think that I’d really enjoy the image in a larger size. When I have wall space… I plan to be back!

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