World Trade Center NY

World Trade Center

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World Trade Center

Of course when I lugged my large view camera out to New Jersey in 1993 I had no idea that I was taking an historical image of the World Trade Center. At any rate, the image was on the “flat” (not very much contrast) but the detail in a 4 x 5 negative is remarkable. At full size you can see people in some of the windows of the WTC, and a few pigeons on one of the boats.

So I decided it was worth working on, and went through it, building by building creating the “pop” that you see now in the image. I can’t say for sure what year it was – but I know that around 1993 – 1995 I was using the view camera. And as time has passed, I can look at the image without feeling sad, although I knew people who perished there.

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