Paradise Theater Clock Bronx

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As I was standing across the Grand Concourse, which is a wide boulevard in the Bronx, getting ready to take a picture of the Paradise Theatre, (yes it’s spelled that way) the super of a nearby building invited me to go up to the roof across the way which is where this was taken with a long lens.

The Paradise Theatre was one of the great old-time art deco movie theaters, and when I was a kid, this is where we went to see the best new movies. It has since been renovated and turned into a dance / music club.

Check out this video of the Paradise Theatre after renovation. I can almost get the feeling back, of that majesty of the place, stuck right there in the busiest section of the Bronx – where Fordham Road meets the Grand Concourse. The image was used a long time ago to decorate the rooms in the Millenium Hotel in downtown New York.

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