New York Street Photos

Street Photography of New York

New York Street photography: mostly black and white; mostly New York City; mostly film; mostly from the 90s. Shot with cameras like the Pentax 67 and it’s little brother the Leica M3.  Is it really different because it’s New York?  Just the surface and the characters appearance.  The aim is to find interest in the boring sameness of each day.

I had my photographers heroes: HCB, André Kertész, Adams – and at each turn in the road I was influenced by one of them.

When the super big photographs began appearing to cover up new stores while they were being refurbished - I found it fascinating to juxtapose people walking by. This particular ad on Fifth Avenue - had...

If it bleeds, it leads.  Still true, I think.  This seems particularly New York. Monday January 16 1995. Cloudy with rain. Yes, it was always a violent world with violent headlines.    ...