Category: Photo Montage

Combinations of photographs, generally with a post impressionist or cubist feel to them.

Bryant Park NYC

Bryant Park Photomontage

This is probably the best of the photomontages I created.  These were made with hardware from Kolar that could move the camera in set degrees on the x and y axises.  Then software was used to take the many viewpoints that I collected, and with some human thought and feeling, they were combined in patchy […]

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Times Square

42nd Street Times Square Collage

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Subway Collage

NYC Subway Collage of the 6 Train Station

Waiting for the #6 train.  Montage of many photographs.  To make this image I sat on the bench with a camera on tripod.  I then altered the angle of the x and y axis and produced what could have been a 180 degree shot.  Instead of stitching them together, I layered them onto each other.  […]

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Columbus Circle Collage

Columbus Circle Collage #1

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Bike Messengers

New York Bike Messengers

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