View of Skyline from Manhattan Bridge

Dave Beckerman Photos

If you tell someone that you’re a photographer, the first thing they’ll ask is what you photograph.  I photograph whatever interests me.  Many times I don’t even know until years later why I went through (for example) my infrared film period, or making giga prints that can be measured in feet. For years I simply walked down the two flights of stairs from my apartment, went outside, and followed by nose.

My  fine art prints have been collected, displayed in galleries around the world, and seem especially well-received in New York City.

“The photograph exists whether anyone liked it or not. Whether anyone saw it. No matter. It existed. It was complete. Photographs don’t need a committee of vice-presidents to give their approval.  It was that freedom to wander around New York City, and discover the city that intrigued.”  — Dave Beckerman,  1994

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