Night Storm Schurz Park

This was in Carl Schurz Park on the upper east side. This goes back to 1995 or so. Sometimes the city looks like something from a fairy tale – taken with a 4 x 5 view camera, with a black cloth over my head during a snow storm in Karl Shurz park. After the shot was taken, the black cloth on my head had 3 inch layer of snow on it. Why is it that most of my favorite shots were taken in extremely cold weather?

Hi Dave,
I received ‘Night Storm’ yesterday. It arrived safely. Thank You for packaging it so well. The print is so beautiful. The image of it on your web site can’t compare to the actual print itself. My wife took it to a picture frame/gallery store to buy me a frame for Christmas. She told me that when the store owner saw the print his first reaction was “WOW! Who is this guy? Is he new?”

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