Category: New York City Street Photography

New York city street photography is probably what I’ve done the most. For me, street photographs will just get better with age. So many things that we take for granted in our world; will appear strange, and antiquated; and maybe missed; years from now.

It is a form of poetic literature (at it’s best). At it’s worst, like anything, just tedious.

Street Photography

Steps of the Met

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Newsstand Vendor 1997

Newspaper Stand Vintage


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Central Park, 1998

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Holding Hands

Old Friends Holding Hands

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Blizzard on Park Ave

At least I was walking backwards – wind at my back.  New YorkCity, Park Avenue, 2006.

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Bethesda Steps - Central Park

Man Bethesda Steps

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Metropolitan Museum of Art

Art Appreciation

Kids playing amongst the art.  Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Film. 1995

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Subway Performers

Sax Player Subway

Sax Player – Times Square Shuttle platform.

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Central Park Photography - Tango

Tango in the Park II

Tango class in Poets Walk, Central Park.

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Wheelchair Marathon

Wheelchair Racer NYC Marathon

Coming up First Avenue.   Not sure what year.  I’ll say at least 15 years, which is what I say when I have no clue.  I love that in New York you can get very close to most major races.  Whether they’re big or small races.

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Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry 1993

Staten Island Ferry, 1993

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Central Park Picnic


Don’t know what the story was but I just walked by this scene in 1997.  It wasn’t any sort of photo shoot.  Just a couple that seems to have devised an old-time picnic in Central Park.

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