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There are many benefits when you order my prints through FAA.  I tested many print labs before I found that FAA was using the same printing methods I was.  That my files and profiles worked perfectly with their workflow.

Distributed Worldwide (Fast Inexpensive Shipping)

FAA currently has 14 photography labs located throughout the world.  For example, there’s a photo plant in England.  There might be 2, I’m not sure.  Anyway, when you order a print from this site, and you live in England – guess what?  It’s printed and shipped within the UK.  Less expensive for everyone involved.  It’s a domestic shipment.


Don’t like the print you got?  You can a) destroy it and take a picture of it or b) return it to the company.  Either way (and this has only happened once in the last several years) – if there was something wrong with the printing, they’ll do another one for a replacement.  Or give you a refund.  The point is to keep you as a satisfied customer.

If you’d like to visit the site itself where there are more purchase options – click here – otherwise, this is a good page to browse and look around – not to mention purchase fine art prints.

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Print Ordering Advice

For black and white fine art prints, I recommend using the “Lustre Paper” which is the default choice.  When I first looked around for a printer, I found FAA.  They were using the same printing techniques (equipment) as I was.  Over the years, I’ve just been very much of a traditionalist as far as what a b&w print should look like.  After all, I spent most of my life printing on Ilford Graded Fiber, hence the lustre paper selection.

Then again – that’s just my own taste.

Lustre Paper

Lustre Paper Choice should be set already.

Save yourself the trouble of bringing the print to the framing shop, getting it matted; framed… etc.  And get it done through the FAA site.  I don’t make any money on that – I would just find it very convenient.  Otherwise, if it isn’t matted or framed it will arrive in a tube.


Start Here with Questions about Print Orders: Fine Art America FAQ page.