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Don’t overlook uptown Manhattan. Some of the greatest museums, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to the Whitney Museum, to the Guggenheim – and that’s only on the east side of Manhattan – are in uptown Manhattan. Cross the park and you have to go to the Museum of Natural History, and of course the planetarium. Don’t miss the tours of Harlem either.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art Reflections

West side of Metropolitan Museum of Art.  From 35mm b&w film.  circa 1996.

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Pano of 2nd Avenue Subway

2nd Avenue Subway Construction Pano

Giga pano composed of many images. Can be printed very large. Contact me for info about giga prints.

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Schurz Park Pan Pano

Carl Schurz Park Pan Pano

From the overpass in Carl Schurz Park.  Giga print.  Easily printed at 6 feet across.

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Carl Schurz Park Spring

Carl Schurz Park – Spring H

Carl Schurz Park – Spring.

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Window Metropolitan Museum

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Duke Ellington

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Upper West Side

This has to be among the top 10 tourist spots for photographers in New York City. Photographed from the top of the rock.  That’s the GW Bridge, the Hudson River, and New Jersey.

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Blizzard in New York

Second Avenue Blizzard

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Christmas 2nd Avenue

Christmas Second Ave

Looking south on second avenue during a snow storm.  Lots of Christmas trees for sale as usual, and people making their way around.  From film, circa 1990.

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Carl Schurz Park

Schurz Park in Blizzard

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Dinner at Dendur

Photographing the Dendur Temple in the Metropolitan Museum as chefs prepare for a dinner.  Taken at dusk.  circa 1990.  Film.  Tint applied with Photoshop.

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Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island Boxes

Color added to this photograph of Roosevelt Island by Dave Beckerman.

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