Grand Central Station - First Night

In the years before 9/11 there were a series of events held in New York on New Years Eve under the title of First Night.
There were buses that took you from one event to another, and the final wind-up was in Grand Central Station where a live orchestra played, and people came in somewhat formal attire, and that’s where the final countdown happened.
Now if you’re single and unattached you know how New Years Eve can be the real pits. It seems as if the entire world has paired off and you are the only one that’s somehow not been picked to go to the dance.
Your friends invite you to parties but you might not go because you don’t want to show up alone when you know everyone else will be in pairs.
And that’s how I ended up at First Night in Grand Central with a few thousand people kissing each other while I stood on the balcony and took this shot with a medium format camera that I had perched (crooked) on the ledge.

United Nations Chrysler Building