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Central Park Photos

Central Park Photography

When I first moved  into Manhattan from the Bronx, I approached Central Park with the eyes of a tourist. It was all new to me. I remember walking down Poet’s Walk for the first time (without camera) and saying, I have to return on the right day and drag out the large format camera.

This lead to decades of Central Park photos.

Included: Literary Walk (the Mall), The Great Lawn, and most of the famous Central Park landmarks.  The park has always been a refuge from the pace of Manhattan.

Most of these photographs are from black and white film; but I also experimented with impressionist color infrared work later on in the “digital age.”

Central Park Zoo

Tucan and Fronds Central Park Zoo

Benches Central Park

Benches in Snow

Central Park Lake

Central Park Lake IR

Poets Walk - Central Park

Poets Walk – Central Park

Bethesda Angel in Snow

Poets Walk Winter

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