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You’ll find a variety of framed prints as well other media you can print on, from canvas to acrylic and beyond in my Fine Art Print Store.   Or stay on this page and do all your shopping from here.  The site is secure.  And I don’t save (or know) anything about your transaction. I just get a notification that someone in a certain part of the country (or another country) has bought a print.

My own framing and printing tastes are very simple and old-fashioned. I still like a simple black metal frame, some 4-ply archival mat with an opening, and that’s about it.

Use the dropdown lists to change, Collection, or view other product types. You can view separate Collections (on the left menu) and view framed prints as well. Fine Art America has 14 production areas around the world, saving you on shipping and tax costs.

Prints have been put into ornate frames, works of art on their own. Unless it’s’ a painting, or possibly one of my paintography prints, I think it’s distracting.

P.S. This is one of the least ornate frames I came across.

Framing Opines

Poets Walk in Frame


If you’re not sure what frames, mats or paper to choose, I’d suggest the following for the black and white photographs:

1. Paper: Premium Lustre is closest to classic style fiber prints

2. Mats: Mat borders really depend on a lot of factors, but at least 2 inches of border is good around the print. Matting protects the edges of the prints, and helps the print to stand out. The arctic white mat or very white mat are commonly used.

3. I prefer the thin black metal frames but again – this is just a way to get started. And this is simply the simplest way to go. FAA makes it very easy to view the image in different frames and mat combinations. They even have an app for the iPhone that lets you view your images against pictures of your own walls.

And remember, just about every sort of framing is available, from thin metal frames, to prints on acrylic, metal, prints on wood, etc.  I especially don’t care for b&w prints on canvas.  I just don’t.  I’m a stick in the mud.  Many clients have

This photographer turned my Tulips Painted creation into a poster. I like it with the guitar next to it. He must’ve been a photographer himself as a lot of my customers are. [Although, these days, everyone is a photographer…]

Painted Tulips

Painted Tulips

Photographed the huge background for a Milan fashion show.

Millenium Hotel Pictures

Prints are in most of the rooms of the Millenium Hotel down near the battery.