Poets Walk Central Park

Poets Walk Central Park in 1994. Shot with a large-format view camera during a freezing rain. This remains the most popular print I sell. 

Frankly, I almost didn’t take this photograph because it was so cold and the film holders were getting wet.

Poets Walk Central Park also known as the Mall


Just as I was about to pack up, the couple entered the scene, and I just waited until they were in the distance to try to give the looming trees some scale. A few years ago, the glistening stones were dug up and replaced by dirt. You think that everything will still be there but as an ancient philosopher said, you can’t step in the same river twice. This image really need to be seen large to get the full effect.

I also did a Poets Walk shot that was equally popular, with digital and a long lens during the winter.  Poets Walk, Winter

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