What You Don’t Know

It’s sad to think about how much I know nothing about.  The list includes: wood.  I don’t mean trees exactly.  But lumber.  I could tell pine from oak.  But that’s about all.  Types of wood stains.  Again, I only know that mahogany is probably going to be dark.

American history.  Unbelievably ignorant.  I didn’t like it in school because it seemed like just memorizing dates.  I wasn’t very good at that.  I stunk at anything that had to do with memorizing.  I had to perform in an O’Neil scene – at film school.  Very Long Days Journey into the Heart of Darkness.  I forget which brother I was supposed to play.  I think it was the older more cynical brother.  Maybe it was the father!

I rehearsed the lines with my sister Ruby, and although she was just feeding me lines; she knew my lines before me.

Neither, could I tell a joke.  I couldn’t easily remember them.  Plus, I didn’t enjoy telling jokes.  But I could, and I like to think, still – can be witty if I don’t know what’s going to happen next.  That repartee is like street photography which feels like a language.  Usually, quick.  But like comedians there was Jack Benny and the slow slow “welllll.”  It’s okay.  Let’s have lots of street photography; and lots of laughs; and stop making lists of the things we don’t know.

It’s really endless.  Domestically – I know nothing.  For example, the other day I order some new shower curtains.  And they arrived with a liner.  One curtain.  One liner.  It took me about two days to figure out whether the liner should hang inside the bathtub, or outside it with the curtain, or should the curtain and the liner be inside the tub?

Very puzzling.

And that’s just the beginning of what I don’t know.  (More to follow!)

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