Strangers on a Train
Strangers on a Train

We were all strangers to each other but I must’ve said something funny.  I’ve been told that in my next life (yeah right) I should be a comedian.  I think I’m a lot like Larry David without all the anger issues.  I mean even last night, I was thinking about having David as a last name and how mean you could be to call the kid David when that’s also his last name.

You’re in third grade Yeshiva and the teacher calls out “David,” and a bunch of kids stand up including David David.  I think there was a character in Catch 22 called Major Major?  Was there.

Anyway, I was thinking about names after that and how you could pretty much tell what era a person lived in by their first name.  For example, Dorothy.  Such a great name.  Wizard of Oz.  My great aunt Dotty (really Dorothy) and Doris.  That got me to thinking about names that began with the letter D.

And I remembered making a conscious decision to call myself Dave for all my artistic work.  And David for my other life (if there was one).  Dave is so much friendlier than David – don’t you think?  Anyway, wherever I worked as part of team, or in school I wasn’t called either: my nickname was Becker, or Beck, or Beckerman.

Just didn’t get no respect.  OK – so none of that was too funny.  Too bad!  Whaddya except hee-haws.  And I’m telling you nevertheless that I could channel Lawrence David in another life if someone would start me off at an old age when I didn’t care anymore about what anyone thought about me.  I mean that’s the whole big deal with performing in front of a crowd.  I did it a few times.

My biggest fear was fainting – which I think Kathy Griffin did last week during a gig.  She doesn’t seem to be the type to give a shit, so maybe it wasn’t so bad.


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