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I really have had it with so-called social media.  Mostly annoyed with Facebook.  I just don’t like, and never have liked, the idea of virtual “friends.”  And I don’t like the control and the selling of my content which is what I’m doing when I post to any social media.

So that’s really why I’m redoing this blog, so that I can leave one post up on FB for people to find me.  It seems necessary, not so much that anyone buys stuff from me based on FB, tho I have had a few sales from them.  But I would really like to write in my own blog again, where I can a) say anything I like and b) have control over things like comments, and fonts, and how pictures are displayed.

Another aspect that has bothered me from the beginning of social media is the silo effect.  If I post to just “friends,” I have very little control over who sees what and when.

My FB page continuously asks me to “boost” it – i.e. pay them to get people to look at my page.  I could put a post up on my page saying, I hate Facebook, and their so-called AI will read it, and then send me an email asking if I want to pay to boost the post so that n number of people will see it.

I really don’t have much enmity against the Zuck or the others who’ve become billionaires with the “show and tell” format – they are a large corporation and their goal is to make as much money as possible while remaining “friendly.”

But people are so hooked on the endorphin rush of LIKES – that it’s difficult to break away from it.  At the same time, social media is used to give signals  to search engines like Google so it’s hard to completely break away from them.

Now they’re putting video ads into the Messenger app.  I removed that from my mobile devices and try not to use it; but Facebook people use it to contact me, so every once in a while I need to check it on my desktop.

As it is, my innocuous WP site (where you are right now) is constantly bombarded by BOTS looking to use me for spitting out emails, or Denial of Service attacks.

Well, when this site is finished, and it nearly is, I’ll leave a post up on FB with a link to this blog.  If you want to stay in touch, this will be a good place to contact me.

Oh, that’s it for now.  Just saying – I’m not going to be posting new pics on FB, for new pics and writing etc. you just have to sign up (it’s at the bottom of this page) and you’ll get notified when anything is added to the BLOG portion of the site.

If you have trouble signing up – let me know.  I’ll try my best to help you through it.

The commenting is setup so that your first comment has to be approved and after that (until you say something that is disgusting, which usually doesn’t take long) I’ll just disapprove you.

Best regards,

As I slowly move off the grid.



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