At first you may notice an itchy sensation on your thumb tips.  It feels like a rash, but it isn’t visible.  But you will have trouble keeping your thumbs from wanting to tap something.  This happens about two hours after locking your phone in the timed vault.

If you are used to using your index finger, or your nails to tap your phone, you should be okay, although there have been cases of women chewing expensive nail work to shreds during the first two social media free hours.

You also may feel tempted to resume old habits that you thought you had completely dropped.  Statistics show that 99% of ex-smokers return to either e-cigs, or plain old cigarettes within one hour of not receiving a LIKE.  These statistics are from the latest study of social media consumers between the ages of 5 years old and 65 years old.  It was conducted by the Society Studies Center in Redhills, New Jersey.

Many Social Media abusers still work from a desktop computer.  These are usually the most hardcore, i.e. hooked, SocMedAbs.  They will just explode if they can’t get whatever it is off their collective chests.  And when they quit cold turkey, somebody should be on call with a fast dose of LIKES and SHARES medicine.




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I've been photographing New York, mostly in black and white, for the last 35 years. In other words, I began in the age of Tri-x and D-76 and eventually moved into the world of pigment ink. Enjoy your stay - Dave

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  1. LOL. I made my last Facebook post last Friday and while I no longer use it, deleted the app from my tablet, I’ll leave my account up for others to find me until what’s left of that dying platform disappears. There was very little to look at anymore and in the end likes don’t pay the bills.

  2. Withdrawal to your own little world of print sales is difficult. It may work out – but I don’t know. My plan right now is simply to allow people to share my stuff wherever they want, and I’ll still share some posts on FB (I’m gonna lose my page for sure tho – just a PITA).

    I’m also changing my site so that it is 99% b&w. I haven’t really figured out the economics of the DSI silver gelatin prints etc. but I may offer inkjets and silver gelatin.

    We’ll see. I’m almost done with the big grunt work of getting images into WooCommerce. Very flexible product, but I’m sure there are easier ways to do somethings that I just don’t know about.

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