Self Portrait With Blue Cane


I still need the cane to get up the two flights of stairs to my apartment, and for getting up and down.  This all goes back to a bad Crohn’s flareup a few months ago.  Crohn’s can effect your joints, and in my case I was on Predisone which can also wreck havoc with your muscles and organs.  On the other hand, using the cane has some advantages.  The main one is that everybody in  Manhattan is walking faster than me.

Even those motorized oldster scooters are keeping an eye out for my cane.  You can also use it, in a sort of Chinese way and string it across your shoulders with packages on both sides balanced, and annoy a whole lot of people on your way back from the supermarket.  This whole getting old thing is very new to me as it is to everyone.  You sort of put it off thinking that it will never happen to you.  But you wake up one morning and that little ache you’ve had for years, you know you get it every morning in the same place; well now it comes back after you’ve walked for a half hour.

I used to walk 5 miles, to and from work. From 83rd and 2nd to 19th, and Avenue of the Americas.  Sometimes I would rollerblade to Central Park in the morning, go through the park on rollerblades, and head off into traffic for the last 25 blocks or so.  I don’t see much of that sort of blading any longer, it’s all on Citibank Bikes, and a few are on electric boards that have their own motors.

Anyway – I am recovering.  At least that’s what my doctor tells me.  And I go for infusions of Entyvio – which isn’t bad at all.  In fact, at the place they call the so-and-so Infusion Center, you almost never have to wait.  You walk into a big space that feels like it’s from the a Star Trek episode; and are lead into what they call an Infusion Tower.  That scared me when I first saw that my appointment was at InfTower 46.  That’s what they called it when I made the appointment.

But the place was as comfy as Archie Bunker’s chair.  Sort of like flying business class. They ask you what sort of juice you want, or what kind of tea.  They have soy milk if that’s your thing. And all the while you’re placing your order a nurse is doing her business to get the infusion going.  It’s a little bit like a magic show – with your attention on the sweets, and someone sticking a needle into a vein at the same time.


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