Reflections in a Golden Eye

Halloween Self Portrait

I don’t remember anything about the movie reflections in a golden eye, but dimly, figures come forth.  Liz Taylor playing a not very nice role.

And Marlon Brando playing some sort of perverted soldier.  It was a well received movie when it came out… but that’s what I thought of with this “steampunk” if that’s what it is getup on Halloween Night.

For someone who doesn’t really like Halloween very much, it’s given me some good shots.

Usually Matt Weber calls me the day before to make sure that I go.  I have a tendency to be a stay-at-home photographer, which isn’t a good trait.

I had my years of walking for hours and hours; but I need something these days to get me going.  Either nagging.  Or a special occasion.   There may be one coming up any moment at any time.  That’s what makes street photography fun.

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