To those who say it doesn’t make a difference which party you vote for – you were wrong.  Can you admit that?

I didn’t think so.

For those who voted for third party candidates.

You were wrong, can you see that?

For those who are blaming Trump, don’t blame Trump, look in the mirror instead.

For every Republican, you are now traitors.

For every Trump voter, you have made a bargain with the devil and the devil doesn’t give a shit about you.  Unless you’re wealthy.

For the Bush voters who gave him a second term, you too are guilty.

I also declare the media guilty, and not just the Fox bunch.  But Morning Joe and MSNBC, you gave Trump all the air-time you could get because he was good for ratings.

To the Supreme Court, that allowed MONEY and CORPORATIONS to control politicians, I find you equally guilty.

For the newscasters and pundits that say, THIS ISN’T AMERICA – oh how wrong you are.  We decimated the Native Americans.  We turned the boat around with Jewish refugees, sending many to their deaths.

And would we have gotten into WWII if Japan hadn’t bombed Pearl Harbor?

Not to mention things like slavery? Like McCarthy.  Like the anti-semitism in the FDR white house.

There was a revolution coming, and FDR could see it.  Hence the social programs.

What a putrid place to live in.

The country is now a Russian puppet.

To Facebook, Google, and Twitter – you have helped destroy us by splitting us into warring tribes.

To the Jews who voted for Trump because he would support Israel – give me a break.  He’ll be after you once the dark-skinned people are taken care of.

To the Hillary Campaign – boy did you screw up.

Please, don’t blame Trump.  You put him in there and now you’ll have to deal with it.

Yes, I’m feeling animus tonight.  And when I post this, I will make it a public post, to anyone who finds it on social media and wants to complain – go ahead.  This business of using FB to vent, but only to your friends – is just making the matter worse.

To the system that allows states with a few people to have equal power in the senate – that is not democracy.

The only thing we have going for us, is that compared to some of the other evil geniuses in history: Mussolini, Hitler etc. Trump is a poor copy, tho he tries his best to stick his chin out like the Duce.

Babes torn from mothers’ arms: that’s just FAKE NEWS.  You know that don’t you.  Anything that might upset you, or cause you to rethink your choice, is just DEEP STATE B.S.  I know you feel that way.  And I also know, that even tho this will hit you harder than any other section of the country, especially with the Chinese and European tariffs – and the boycotting of American goods (which has already started in Canada) – MORE FAKE NEWS.

I have no advice.

I learned a lot about the depravity of so-called civilized countries.  I see that it CAN HAPPEN HERE.

And as a Jew, I am ashamed of racists like Miller, in the White House – and I can only hope that there are some people in this country who can see that if they don’t make a very big noise, and at least threaten violence -in a few years we will have become a truly Fascist state.  I am glad to see some right wing columnists dropping the R from their brands.  But this is where their party has been headed since the southern strategy.

We’re not very far from the Man in the High Castle.

There will be a “have you no shame moment,” eventually.  But so much damage has already been done, it will take generations to repair.  And by then Ivanka will be the President, and instead of yellow armbands, she’ll be making money selling Trump armbands.

Good night America.  You have entered the darkness.

2016 UES

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