Phantoms of Coney Island

Out at Coney again with Weber.  These are some productive days, I think, for both of us.  I get to roll up my trousers and wade in the Atlantic, and come home with sand in my shoes; and I get the introductions that Matt makes; he seems to know just about everyone that’s ever worked at Coney Island.

So, I did some video of an old old timer (my age really, but pickled for many years) – and some other sort of cool things.  He lead me to more Zoltans (the mystic puppet machine) and even what seemed to be Zoltan’s Grandmother.  I’ll just post this one shot here, for now, but will do a little slide show later.

Also (with Matt’s help) I was able to actually clean the window of the subway car, outside and in, so that when I left DeKalb Station, heading to Manhattan, I got really clear video of the Metroscope Project (the abandoned station) – and this time even glimpsed the stairs that lead down into the abandoned station.

Well, okay, bedtime for sure.  But I’ll leave you with the spirit of the place.

Coney Island Phantom
Black and white print from of Coney Island, end of Sept. 2017

Your thoughts?