Notes about Paintography. It simply means (at least to me) that you begin with a black and white image, (tho sometimes you begin with a color image) and you supply the coloration. Somewhat like the coloring book experience. But you can draw outside the lines. You can paint the sky black. Or any other color. Technically, it takes very little effort.

It can take forever to do if you are really painting pixel by pixel (I have done that for sections of paintographies) but you can put down wide swaths of color. The most fun part, for me is trying to imagine, eyes shut, classical music or Tom Petty going, and that’s how I saw the idea for Yellow Brick Road.

I used the NIK plugin within Photoshop. The program is very smart at mapping out swaths and objects without having to manually draw masks. You see your results immediately. I advise using a simple digital tablet, but you can do pretty well with a mouse.

Just about every photograph I post goes through NIK (now from Google). Sometimes, the effect is along the lines of dodging and burning; but sometimes they are used to merge painting and photography. Hence the word: Paintography

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I've been photographing New York, mostly in black and white, for the last 35 years. In other words, I began in the age of Tri-x and D-76 and eventually moved into the world of pigment ink. Enjoy your stay - Dave

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I was just taking a break from painting, and I see your Paintography Slideshow! Nice! The path central park and Bethesda Plaza really speak to me. They all look great. Love the colors. The path central park paintography one just has some great lighting that I love. Nice work!


  2. Yeah. Thanks for commenting here. I’m trying to bring back the feeling of the old blog, which varied from random thoughts to photography tips.

    We’ll see. That was over 20 years ago?

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