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The “photo blog” began before the word “blog” was even known.  The year was 2000. I called it an online journal.  But I guess you’d have to go into the wayback machine to find the early examples from the year 2000.


What’s Goin’ On

Film won’t die.  But it is obviously dead.   Crafts don’t ever die completely.  You can still find purveyors of the best Buggy Whips in the country if you search the Google Engine (which I love so much).  Oh Google, won’t you have pity on my trials and tribulations and let me go super nova […]

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Brooklyn Bridge Portfolio

Is the Brooklyn Bridge the real symbol of New York?  I dunno.  It is a must see, and the most beautiful bridge in the city – (so I think) – because of the almost cathedral feeling.  And the “backstory” of the bridge – the determination of the builder and later his wife. You can read […]

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Beckerman Working by Weber

My shots weren’t very good.  You need to remember the Weber “rule of threes.”  I forgot it and was dealing with twos in this shot. I like this shot (I know, not the decisive moment?) of a guy in checkered shorts fishing at Coney – taken the same day.

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A Few How-To Photography Videos

CREATING A GIGAPANO Using Pano software by Kolor and Pano Head, here is overview of using Autopan Giga software to take 96 RAW files in Lightroom and export them to APG where they are stitched into one very large Pano. EXPLAINING HOW A SHOT HAPPENED Going through Lightroom to show how this shot of a […]

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Tilt A Whirl Coney Island

Oh that swirling feeling. Many planes moving on different axis. And generally pressing you against a dirty stretch of faux velvet with soda stains. I’m not sure what happens as you age, but the idea of being swung around becomes less appealing. The New York taxi cabs can make me sick. Car sickness is everywhere, […]

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