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The “photo blog” began before the word “blog” was even known.  The year was 2000. I called it an online journal.  But I guess you’d have to go into the wayback machine to find the early examples from the year 2000.


Old Timer Coney Island Vid

Cyclone Coney and Clips

Nothing is planned on these outings.  I think it’s the surprises that keep you going back.  Nothing is ever the same, no matter how many times you go there.  You know – that “you can’t step in the same river twice,” is especially true for candid photography.  Whether it’s moving pictures, or interviews, or snaps […]

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Coney Island Surf and Shoes

Shoes Shells and Surf

I rolled up my pants, took off my socks, put back my sneakers, and walked with Weber along the shoreline.  He was interested in the large of amount of horseshoe crabs (all dead) that were there.  And kept picking them up to see where the seagulls had feasted.  They looked like big bugs to me. […]

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Coney Island Phantom

Phantoms of Coney Island

Out at Coney again with Weber.  These are some productive days, I think, for both of us.  I get to roll up my trousers and wade in the Atlantic, and come home with sand in my shoes; and I get the introductions that Matt makes; he seems to know just about everyone that’s ever worked […]

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beckerman portrait

Wayback Beckerman

One thing (at least) that you should know about me, was that I have really seen both sides of the “male height” phenomena.  In Junior High School, I was the 2nd shortest kid in home room.  I was about 5’2″ and shy and picked on, and I can’t remember a single good thing about Junior […]

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View of Skyline from Manhattan Bridge

Dave Beckerman Photos

If you tell someone that you’re a photographer, the first thing they’ll ask is what you photograph.  I photograph whatever interests me.  Many times I don’t even know until years later why I went through (for example) my infrared film period, or making giga prints that can be measured in feet. For years I simply walked down the two flights of stairs from my apartment, went outside, and followed by nose.

My  fine art prints have been collected, displayed in galleries around the world, and seem especially well-received in New York City.

“The photograph exists whether anyone liked it or not. Whether anyone saw it. No matter. It existed. It was complete. Photographs don’t need a committee of vice-presidents to give their approval.  It was that freedom to wander around New York City, and discover the city that intrigued.”  — Dave Beckerman,  1994

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Watch Your Step

When I first saw this sign outside my apt. door, I thought it was funny.  But as I passed it several times during the day, I began to feel some sympathy for the author.  I couldn’t write something about beware the wet calk in any other language.  And I had this weird feeling that someone […]

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Hearts and Fences

Locked together on an chainlink fence, forever and ever, or until the city clips them apart. I can still remember my first love.  Her name was Lydia.  She lived in the building across the way, and for 25 cents she would lead you under the stairway, and let you feel her breasts.  And let me […]

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2nd Chuck Close Self Portrait

I actually did this one as a “giga” photo.  Handheld, I was able to take five or six shots; and then “stitch” ’em together. I didn’t know his work at all before seeing his mosaic murals at the 86th street Q line station.  I’m lucky, because one entrance is on 2nd avenue and 83rd street, […]

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Lou Reed Portrait by Close

Lou Reed by Chuck Close

2nd Avenue Subway – 86th Street.  Q. Train Lou Reed by Chuck Close.

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Chuck Close at 86th and Q Line Mosaic

More playing with mom’s music and the mosaics by Chuck Close at the 86th street subway station. Mostly just to get used to how to do some technical stuff with iMovie. If you know the name of the piece – let me know. Maybe there’s an app for identifying music. I remember that day very […]

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Sheba Rivkin

Mom Project

December 19, 1987, Sheba Rivkin Beckerman – my mom – died from systemic Lupus. That was 30 years ago.  After she was buried, dad, and us kids went through her things looking for mementoes. Anything that had to do with music, seemed to come to me.  So to this day, I have her piano stool, […]

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Eyes Closed

I went to Facebook for mostly financial reasons.  It seemed like the best place to display my wares and meet a new audience.  The funny (ironic) thing is, that when I sit in front of the computer and type (as I’m doing now obviously) into (or is it onto) a nice clean page (not a […]

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