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The “photo blog” began before the word “blog” was even known.  The year was 2000. I called it an online journal.  But I guess you’d have to go into the wayback machine to find the early examples from the year 2000.


Flatiron Building Portfolio

I became fascinated with the Flatiron Building as I passed by it just about every day for the ten years that I went to work on 21st street and Ave. of the Americas. The toughest thing, photographically, is to get it at the right angle so that you get it’s unusual form, but also can […]

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Fifth Avenue Photo Locations in NYC

Fifth Avenue home to the New York Public Library, St. Patricks, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building and loads of other tourist locations. This is part 1 of the Fifth Avenue Photo Collection.  

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Coney Island Parachute Jump 2017

NYC 2017 Coney Island and Parachute Jump

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Self Portrait 2017 Dave Beckerman

Self Portrait of Dave Beckerman in Parking Garage Mirror

Today, on my way to meet MW at the Met.  MW usually tempts me to leave the house.  Sometimes it feels very much like wooing.  But MW says that I always get good pictures once I get outside.  Of course, I’m not going to take good pictures inside.  My place is nothing to look at. […]

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Queasy Window

This one just makes me feel queasy.  Just the thought of childhood dentistry takes me back to some horrors.  I’m told, that I once ran screaming from a dentist’s chair out onto the street, and the dentist (a fat man with a moustache) came running after me.  I’ve had nothing but horrors with my teeth.  […]

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Free Poetry

Poetry Written for Free

The area around the Metropolitan Museum has always been fertile for me.  What sort of custom poetry you could get for free, I’ll leave to your imagination.  But I do think he should at least put paper in the typewriter.  Then again, maybe he just makes it up and raps it to you and the […]

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Turning Corner of Subway

Going back a long way, I always liked to set the stage, and then (to paraphrase the Bard) wait for the characters to make their way across it.  Enter stage right.  Back at NYU Film School (which was supposed to be about “moving pictures”) my second film was a static shot of Coopers Union.  Nothing […]

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Friday the 13th

From the desk of ONE PICTURE PRODUCTIONS (literally) Here’s how my mind (or eye) moves through the picture; or at least what it wants to understand. Here’s the original full shot – in black & white.

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I Can Do This This is My Life

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Happy Death Day

There’s very little irony here, that’s why it isn’t a particularly good picture.  Also I should crop it so you could at least read the pathetic sign he’s holding.  Plus on top of all that’s wrong with this picture – it’s cheap sentiment.  But you don’t get photographers posting pictures they don’t like – because […]

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eyebrow threading

Eye Threading

I’ll admit, I’ve been fascinated by the whole idea of eyebrow threading since I first ran across it on a guy wearing a sandwich board about eyebrow threading.  I googled it and found out what it was – and it still seems odd – but then I can remember (at least from the movies) when […]

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Zoltan Speaks and Writes

I thought I’d save you the dollar that Zoltan wants for his guidance.  So I paid several dollars to hear him pontificate, and I tell you, he is a wise machine.  I’ve transcribed most of what he said, and here it is: “A ship in the harbor is safe, my friend, but that is not […]

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