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This photo blog began before the word “blog” was coined.  At least that’s how I remember it.  The year was 1999. I called it an online journal.  There were definitely others keeping online photo journals.  I guess you’d have to go into the wayback machine to find the early journal writing.

December Photo Journal 1999

[This was originally published in December, 1999.  The funny thing is to see what was popular back then.  Altavista (remember? the big hot search engine portal); a large web image was 500 px across.  Society was different.  You could actually cart a view camera and tripod onto a train.  You weren’t supposed to.  But nobody […]

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Photo journals

Grumpy Old Man Stuff

I pulled this from a written journal entry – March 2012 Video is a terrible way to learn programming.  It is very useful for showing physical things, but a video that says, first click on this, then click on this (as you watch the screencast mouse move around) is useless.So don’t do it.  Just put […]

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Deeper and Deeper

Part I [Converting from Fine Art America, and a portfolio site, to a fully integrated store with downloads self hosted and what happens along the way] This is for the five people out there who happen to come across this note about a WordPress plugin called WooCommerce and about a theme shop called ShopIsle and […]

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Social Media Withdrawal Part One

WHAT TO EXPECT.  THE FIRST TWO HOURS. At first you may notice an itchy sensation on your thumb tips.  It feels like a rash, but it isn’t visible.  But you will have trouble keeping your thumbs from wanting to tap something.  This happens about two hours after locking your phone in the timed vault. If […]

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The cameras

Camera Addict

Hi. My name is Dave B. I am a cameraholic. I know where it began — it was over 50 years ago. It was really my older cousin who introduced me to it. He was in the Peace Corps. and he made a stop in Japan where they were making some very fine cameras – […]

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Dad in Hospital 2004

I really did try to photograph just about every part of life, including hospital visits.  My sisters were usually shocked by this “invasion of privacy,” but I asked dad if he’d mind a shot or two.  And he perked up.  He was in the hospital (I think) for a stent.  This was after the operation […]

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Reality of Street Photos

FADE IN People think that photography captures reality, but believe me, it captures the photographer.  This sequence of shots is fascinating, at least for me, because it shows that many idea of shooting were actually picked up in my movie making days. The first shot is what is called the Establishment shot; or the master […]

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Missed Photographs

Taste of Snow Sequence – The Keeper

Most photographs are junk.  And with digital, I think even more are junk than in the film days since you don’t lose much by clicking.  What you usually don’t see on the web – the sequence that lead up to “the keeper” and the shots that follow “the keeper.”  And even with all that said, […]

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Fishing for Coins

Coin Fishing

2004.  He did roll up his coat sleeve, but it immediately came down as his arm went into the reflecting pool at the Metropolitan Museum.  I just found his look so old-timer, and it wasn’t that long ago.  He reminded me of somebody from Angela’s Ashes.  Maybe the disappearing dad. I ran into him many […]

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Mamiya 6

Fashion Police

  Mamiya 6.  I had money in those days.  I took this shot with what they called the Big Leica – or the Texas Rangefinder a few other things.  The first and most popular version was the 6 x 6 version.  It took three lenses.  Widish, normal, and long.  The long was difficult to use […]

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The Man in the White Jacket

1984.  That was weird.  We were at the hospital.  Mom on a gurney.  Very cold.  I get her another blanket.  Why do they always keep hospitals so cold?  Is cold associated with cleanliness?  Probably.  But here I sit, waiting.  And there she is waiting for what?  Some sort of x ray I think.  Not MRI […]

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Contact Sheets

Tips for an Imaginary Camera Manufacturer

Tip 1: Have a mode that flips the live image right to left, and also bottom to top.  In other words, have a view camera screen.  I’m sure it’s easy to do in firmware.  Seeing things in this abstract way is one of the best means to get learn compositions.  I have it from a […]

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