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This photo blog began before the word “blog” was coined.  At least that’s how I remember it.  The year was 1999. I called it an online journal.  There were definitely others keeping online photo journals.  I guess you’d have to go into the wayback machine to find the early journal writing.

street shot

86th & Third

I don’t know why one corner is better than another, but I think every neighborhood has the perfect street photo corner.  And by neighborhood, at least in Manhattan, say every 10 blocks.  Maybe less.  The places you’d think would be the best, Times Square, Grand Central etc. have never been the best for me.  Too […]

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Color in the Dark Tunnels

There is color all over the place in New York’s darkened subway tunnels.  Besides the “ghost stations” like City Hall, and to a lesser extent Worth Street.  I’ll be futzing a bit with flash, tho I don’t have a lot of hope for it since you’re shooting through subway glass. a) If anyone does notice, […]

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Dave’s Bucket List

I find great comfort falling asleep thinking about items to add or remove from my bucket list.   Skydiving (for example) is very calming, in your warm (hopefully) bed, instead of trying to count sheep. I get very confused counting sheep.  I’d do better with racehorses, as they are numbered.  Sheep, too many contitations with sheep.  […]

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I Forgot (The Resistance is Losing)

Between the time that I thought of this idea for a post, and the time I finally got around to writing it I have completely forgotten what is was to be about.  But I’m hoping that if I go and look at the last photo I futzed with it will jostle the grey cells back […]

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The Obsessive Eye

Most photographers, are by definition – voyeurs except maybe nature photographers.  But you do spend a lot of your time just looking at things; and evaluating whether they’re worth clicking on.  Sometimes in less than a heartbeat. You are turned on by how shapes and colors or tints of black and white are arranged in […]

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The Girl with the Cup

Girl with Cup

How jam packed squished it was around Fifth the Friday before Christmas.  The idea of going there was to shoot the crowds, but when we got there it felt like nothing but weird.  Who were all these people dying to get into the big dept. stores on this bitter and busy night. I’m of the […]

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The View From Here is Fine

  Sort of like living in an old factory in the 1800s.  You might wonder what half the stuff is there for anyway.  Yeah, it’s impressive.  Two MacPros – but only one works (the one behind my knees).  The 2nd one has no motherboard, or at least no working motherboard.  Still, I keep it around […]

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Missed Subway Shot

I’ve got the battery for the Canon Ti5 charging for the first time in months. 30mm Sigma lens on. Open to f1.4. ASA set to 6400. Continuous shooting mode. I’m ready to get on the six train and do this ghost station thing again. Only, it’s so damned cold outside, and so warm in the […]

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By Artie Stuff

I had insomnia last night.  I first tried some TM from the old days (Transcendental Meditation) but was confused about what my mantra was!!!  I thought it was WUN which has no meaning to me, and which cost me $5 to get from an old friend in the 70s… But was it WUN or was […]

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Death and Bagels

2008. H&H Bagels on 2nd.  

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City Hall Ghost Station

There are a bunch of subway stations in New York that haven’t been in use for years, but are still “somewhat” maintained.  I first learned about them from the photographer Matt Weber.  I knew in a vague way these now unused stations were around, but not that they were still visible. The City Hall Ghost […]

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infrared seagull

Day of the Seagull

Photograph of seagull, with infrared flash and converted IR DSLR.

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