2 thoughts on “Newspapers 1995

  1. Thanks Michael. And there’s even a touch of dirty New York snow upper left corner. You should be able to comment from here on in – and I really don’t care if it’s a like or a criticism – without being moderated.

    I’m going to pick about five other photogs that I think I can get along with to post in the blog. You get some SEO JUICE – or maybe I get SEO JUICE – I’m really not sure.

    No more than one pic per day – and the appropriate size for the site is 1440px longest side. It’s going to be super restricted at first – just to see how it goes.

    The site itself is getting back to decent ranking in search engines. Yahoo (people still use that) it’s number 1 for New York black and white photography – or something like that, and is climbing in Google to page one for similar stuff.

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