I cut the cable plug (yet again) because the only two channels I got it for SNY (Mets) and some important news channels.  I wanted to know the instant that the latest corrupt official had offered his resignation.  I was enthralled by excerpts from the book about Trump, event where he explains how he manages to put that hairdo together.

There were three or four top stories during the year I had it turned on: Trump doesn’t like brown / black people; he surely doesn’t want any of them coming into this country; he is building the U.S. on his own financial model: SUPER BIG DEBT; and I could go on, but these guys (mostly guys) are just the ticket to conspire with the R’s and the Russians.

Blah blah blah.  You can add or subtract your own issues.  Mine are in no particular order (though maybe they should be).  I don’t believe I even mentioned the separation of families or the desire to do away with due process.

But c’mon artists are almost always humanists – that’s what makes them artists in the first place.  Imagination, and the ability to put yourself in someone elsle’s shoe even tho they don’t appear to be from the same tribe as you hail.

Point is.  Without the barrage of cable news, I find myself going through a weird digital input sound deprivation withdrawal.  In other words, by suddenly turning out MSNBC and CNN I set off a mostly psychological withdrawal.  It can’t be physical as well?  Maybe every story that opened with BREAKING NEWS! set some endorphins running around somewhere.

They say you can get addicted to just about anything including pain.  And I’ve seen that.

Well, anyway some of the symptoms of NEWS WITHDRAWAL are, not caring what happened during the day and deciding if it was something really important you’d read about it a day later in the Newspaper.

Another extremely pleasant side-effect is that Trump or his family never end up in you DREAMS!  That alone may be worth burying your head in the sand as I’m attempting to do now.  Towards the end of my NEWS CYCLE I had already turned off anything political before retiring, but the Trump’s still invaded my dreams.  One dream had me as one of the contestants on the Apprentice.   My job, I dimly remember, was to put round pegs in square holes; no  must’ve been the other way around (sorry) – and The Donald was  behind me and had already labeled me Doofy Dave.

Whadda klutz that Doofy Dave is?  Have you ever found anyone as incompetent as Doofy?  Have you?

Other dreams included Stephen Miller, Ivanka and Kushner.  Even my dreams had a hard time keeping up with the changing cast.

I’ll let you know how long it takes for this NEWS DEPRIVATION to ebb away.

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I've been photographing New York, mostly in black and white, for the last 35 years. In other words, I began in the age of Tri-x and D-76 and eventually moved into the world of pigment ink. Enjoy your stay - Dave

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