New Yorker Empire State Skyline

New York City Skyline
I don’t remember what lens I shot this with from Jersey; but it is super sharp. Take my word for it.

The thing here is, all I remember was that I was obviously on a tripod with a prime long longish lens and I think a light orange filter.  I thought the parallel streaks in the sky, thinking maybe something was wrong with the film scanner.  But it was in the 35mm negative as well.

Yes, I left the white bleed at the top.  I’m just not into burning in that stuff right now.  It helps frame the center of the image.  And I do confess to lightening up the river for the same reason.  Oh, and the original was over-exposed by a stop or so; and I darkened the whole thing, maybe too much? And upped the contrast on the center rectangle in the image.


100% View of a tiny section.

100% screengrab from original tiff file used to create the web jpg.


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