Missed Subway Shot

I’ve got the battery for the Canon Ti5 charging for the first time in months. 30mm Sigma lens on. Open to f1.4. ASA set to 6400. Continuous shooting mode. I’m ready to get on the six train and do this ghost station thing again. Only, it’s so damned cold outside, and so warm in the house.

Also, and I have no idea why, but I think the weekday is better to run down to the City Hall U-turn.

I’ve also taken out my two infrared converted cameras, and infrared flash, again for the first time in many years. Trying to see what I can do in the tunnels with IR flash and IR DSLR. It feels a lot like urban archeology. I’m not sure if I’ll really need ASA 6400… and I doubt that IR flash will work through the subway glass – but I’ve got some ideas about that.

Weber ruins another shot for me.

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