Man Reading New York Times

Newspaper Reader 1990s
Remember newspapers? Before the smart phone, people got their daily info from newspapers. And they were used to pass the time on the subway.

According to my notes – not always the best – this was 1990.   No, I doubt that date is right.  I didn’t go online until Christmas 1999.  And I know in ’93 I was working with view cameras.  So I’d say it was between ’95 and ’99 because it was one of the first images I posted.  And it was badly exposed.  That damned paper was blown out.

Who remembers what film I was using.  Also, he was standing right under a semi-spot light.  So you have to remember, those days, you didn’t really know if you “got it” until you got the film developed.  I could usually remember, somehow what the good shots were on each roll.  What I mean is that once I saw the roll hanging up in the bathroom, I’d immediately look for what I remembered as “keepers.”

These days, you can pretty much check instantly to see if you “got it” or not.  It does make a difference.  But I’m not sure how exactly.  I only know that it was a delectable sensation to walk around all day contemplating whether some particular shot “came out right” or not.  I think I miss that anticipation.


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