I Forgot (The Resistance is Losing)

Between the time that I thought of this idea for a post, and the time I finally got around to writing it I have completely forgotten what is was to be about.  But I’m hoping that if I go and look at the last photo I futzed with it will jostle the grey cells back into place.

Oh yeah.  Our sides in trouble.They were some sort of fragrance. There’s the best way to deal with war: fragrance bombs. Best smelling aroma wins the war.  No, that’s an old gag.  But prompted this guy at the Times Square anti-trump rally (a rally as upposed to a march? – A rally is penned in on all four sides and cannot move on any axis without permission.  Sometimes that permission is difficult to attain.  And sometimes, there are high fences on all sides, and you are stuck back to back in a cattle pen with mounted police.

Fragrance cartridges??? Are there such things?  It seems unlikely that we’ll win armed conflict that way.  Still, has it ever been tried?  I asked him about how such things were fired, and he brought out very disappointing slingshot.  Still, I suppose accuracy isn’t the main thing.  The main thing would be to pick the perfume to attract the enemy to you.

I’m really getting too old for that shit.  Plus tonight, it was still so cold in NYC.  But I think I got the most decent shots of City Hall Station which was the original idea of the adventure.  I’m certain there’s a few bucks to be made off these ghost subway stations (I mean above and beyond what the MTA now charges to tour them).

The two stations are unfortunately at opposite ends of the city – by the city I mean Manhattan.  Well we’ll see.  Other experiments in the subways approaching soon.

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