Hello Dave

Hello Dave,
This past Saturday I finally got the chance to go and see the photographs of Dorothea Lange at the Paul Getty museum. So, basically the day started on a photographic foot. But, the highlight of the day was not until I came home and found the package at our doorstep. I don’t know for how long I was sitting in front of the print of your Promenade and admiring the quality of the print both aesthetically and technically. I also loved the card. Thanks for cutting me a deal. I’ll be back for more of your prints. ” V.

Poets Walk Dave Beckerman
Poet’s Walk, Central Park in 1994. Shot with a large-format view camera during a freezing rain. This remains the most popular print I sell.

Frankly, I almost didn’t take this photograph because it was so cold and the film holders were getting wet. Just as I was about to pack up, the couple entered the scene, and I just waited until they were in the distance to try to give the looming trees some scale. A few years ago, the glistening stones were dug up and replaced by dirt. You think that everything will still be there – but as an ancient philosopher said, you can’t step in the same river twice. This image really need to be seen large to get the full effect.

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