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I pulled this from a written journal entry – March 2012

  1. Video is a terrible way to learn programming.  It is very useful for showing physical things, but a video that says, first click on this, then click on this (as you watch the screencast mouse move around) is useless.So don’t do it.  Just put the steps down in an outline.  Like this column.
  2. Don’t call everything that is widespread an epidemic.  This is just a pet peeve (and I don’t know where that expression comes from either, but would be interested if anyone wants to take on the “pet peeve” assignment.)  Was there an animal called a Peeve that was once a popular pet?
  3. Don’t thank me for sharing on social media.  I know that they want to make life like SHOW AND TELL (see second grade for how to) but showing without any return, either financial or enlightening, or even funny… is pretty senseless.

There are more but I’m afraid I’ll offend just about everyone if I put ’em all down.  These are pretty mild.


1 thought on “Grumpy Old Man Stuff

  1. I can relate to number 3, I’ve spent the last week reading dozens of articles on social media. Some were pro and some con but just about all hinted to it’s demise.

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