Day Off

Today is my favorite type of day. Sort of cool. And a steady rain. It’s the sound of the rain on my fire-escape that I love. I read a biography of W. C. Fields, which said he loved to write his scripts whenever it was raining.

I don’t know if that’s just another story about Fields, but it crosses my mind. The rain on a fire escape is good, but even better a dark night in the country; some place that’s isolated from other houses; some place that was never properly insulated or built; a place where the wind is making the poorly installed windows screech and whistle.

Weber and I continue to work on this subway project, popping the boundaries of flash photography from a moving train. Something always goes wrong; the odds are stacked against you; and that makes it worth doing. I think. I’m lucky to have lived through these two ages of photography. Before and during digital.

It’s weird. Photography captures images of things that will disappear with time. The photograph has the ability to show how things were after the people and buildings are long underground. And then to have, on top of that innate feature of photography, the process itself was changing so quickly.

One day you were lugging a large format camera with a heavy duty tripod; and all of a sudden it was cell-phone-photography. Billboards produced from smartphone files.

Well – the rain continues. The cat is curled up and keeping watch. And here’s a shot of Weber from the train excursion.

3 thoughts on “Day Off

  1. I’m glad you and Matt are documenting this. There have many rumors and proposals about painting or installing murals in subway tunnels to make the commute “more enjoyable” or “more safe”. I have no idea what they’re talking about since 90% of the people on a subway are too busy looking down at their phones to notice what’s on a subway wall as they zip along at 30 mph. I’m also sorry I haven’t comment much lately. I’m just not spending that much time online anymore. I check email and post on Instagram but I’ve closed my Amazon and most other online accounts to return to brick & mortar shopping, I’m returning to film photography (medium format), reading physical newspapers again, all in all just returning to a more analog life.

  2. Michael – frankly, I’m getting too old for these types of projects. It involves many passes of various stations, which means at some point you are going to walk up stairs; cross over to other side; etc. etc. for things that most people would rather have painted over – if they did look up from their phones.

    Anyway. It is a very different time than when I first started this blog. FB and IG et. al. have totally blotted away the blog; and even friends who find this, will read it and comment on it in FB. HMMM… MF. Ah yes. My favorite setup in that world was the Mamiya 6 with the 50mm. Webbies used to be filled with photogs arguing the pros and cons of the Mamiya 6. My 2 cents was that it wasn’t an oversized Leica… but a sort of very handy MF to take with you everywhere.

    Ah. The analog world. I may have to do a post about those times 🙂

  3. I was looking for a Mamiya 6 because I want the 6×6 format. The prices have skyrocketed on those and the 7 so I’m going to use Yashica Mat124 cameras.

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