Dave’s Bucket List

I find great comfort falling asleep thinking about items to add or remove from my bucket list.   Skydiving (for example) is very calming, in your warm (hopefully) bed, instead of trying to count sheep.

I get very confused counting sheep.  I’d do better with racehorses, as they are numbered.  Sheep, too many contitations with sheep.  Masses of humanity.  Birds walking off cliffs in vast numbers because they followed the Lemming in front of them.

So you wake up and skydiving is forgotten.  Even with another skydiver to tie yourself on to.  Although, that might be worthy of a selfie.  Maybe.  And even then I’d debate it.  So obviously I’m from an earlier time period where your hamburger was not a subject of digitally sharing.

But serious, as far as the bucket list goes, my first choice is a a lemon meringue pie in the face while I’m wearing glasses; that one I know is coming, but just at the last minute I bend over and someone else gets the 2nd pie.

There seem to be two funny reactions to the pie in the face: deadpan, and trying to be deadpan.

Then your glasses come slowly off (think Mel Cooley) and you use an index finger as a car wiper, and wipe the meringue of whipped cream from your eyes.  Sometimes, you taste it.

  2. (That’s all I’ve got so far).


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  1. I keep throwing out my bucket list

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