Dante and Chambers Street

NYC Transit Division of Track. CAUTION this area has been baited with Rodenticide on 2./27/18


Chambers street station offers free wi-fi!


Chambers street station. The picture is of the Municipal Building, built in 1914. Renamed David N. Dinkins Municipal Building in 2015.


Free Wi-Fi – Chambers Street Station, 2018
Matt has been my Virgil -moving through the lower depths of urban hell. I’m hoping he’ll continue to guide me as we move to purgatory.

You know, I read Dante’s Inferno a long time ago. I stuck with it through Purgatory, but by the time we got to heaven it was a bore.

But I’ve often thought of the city in terms of the Inferno – i.e. those who have it good, live as close to the clouds as they can afford. The poor scramble around looking for shelter that nobody else wants.

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