Color in the Dark Tunnels

favicon Color in the Dark Tunnels

There is color all over the place in New York’s darkened subway tunnels.  Besides the “ghost stations” like City Hall, and to a lesser extent Worth Street.  I’ll be futzing a bit with flash, tho I don’t have a lot of hope for it since you’re shooting through subway glass.

a) If anyone does notice, I can hear ’em reading like Deputy Fiefe – according to section 4 article four (sniff) using an electronic, or non-electronic flash on the …

and b) I’m not sure how it’ll work through subway glass.

Anyway, I got a bunch of more “fair” images yesterday, but still had the wrong lens on.  Fortunately I don’t get sent on many assignments these days.

I need the 20mm on the cropped sensor – or maybe I’ll just go with the GRD.  I’ll bring both next time.

This is in a very dark tunnel where I barely remember seeing anything at all (at 1/45 th) and f1.4 / and 6400.


Worth-Street-Fuzzies Color in the Dark Tunnels

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