Color in the Dark Tunnels

There is color all over the place in New York’s darkened subway tunnels.  Besides the “ghost stations” like City Hall, and to a lesser extent Worth Street.  I’ll be futzing a bit with flash, tho I don’t have a lot of hope for it since you’re shooting through subway glass.

a) If anyone does notice, I can hear ’em reading like Deputy Fiefe – according to section 4 article four (sniff) using an electronic, or non-electronic flash on the …

and b) I’m not sure how it’ll work through subway glass.

Anyway, I got a bunch of more “fair” images yesterday, but still had the wrong lens on.  Fortunately I don’t get sent on many assignments these days.

I need the 20mm on the cropped sensor – or maybe I’ll just go with the GRD.  I’ll bring both next time.

This is in a very dark tunnel where I barely remember seeing anything at all (at 1/45 th) and f1.4 / and 6400.


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