City Hall Ghost Subway Station

The project continues…

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll pick up a battery pack for the Sunpak 383 so that I can get faster recycle times. The train generally goes through the City Hall station at full speed. To do this right, you’ve got to be able to fire off a burst from the flash – or else go back to the much wider lens. I was using the equiv. of a 35mm lens for this shot which does give you any room for error.

Miss the shot. continue on back up to 14th street. Crossover and go downtown again. The flash is way powerful enough with a 120 ft guide at 100 asa. I was shooting at 1/250th and f16, with the flash powered down to 1/16th power.

Still couldn’t get more than 2 flash shots as we went through City Hall station.

Well here’s one.

City Hall Ghost Station

2 thoughts on “City Hall Ghost Subway Station

  1. Thanks. Stay tuned for much more from the underground. I’m still perfecting the technique and Matt Weber is leading me through the various hot spots for the graffiti artists of the 80s. He was one of them. It’s very much of a partnership to get these shots.

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