Chambers Street Flies Off the Rails

It’s apparent, but not surprising to me, that even a brief outing to the MoMA rubs off on me.  There were only two Dali’s there, small ones.  That was surprising.  The guards were protecting Starry Starry Night – that was the most popular picture when I was there; I couldn’t get close enough to see the awful rage of the strokes (as I thought I heard the guard explain).

I thought they were more the strokes of an hallucination.  And to think of him walking around with candles stuck to his straw hat so that he could see what he was painting in the dark.  Try that today in Central Park in the middle of the night and see what happens.

On the other hand the abstract painters and the movement into cubism, the Pollacks and a lot of other stuff that people look at and say, I could’ve dun that — but hey – you didn’t.  You’d never have thought of it if it wasn’t for the guys that did it.

Anyway, I only mention MoMA because they definitely had something to do with this Chambers Street montage.

Flying pillars – Chambers Street Station

version two

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