BarbershopThis Barbershop belongs in Mayberry. I can picture Floyd at the other end romancing a old female grifter, and a loaded goat walking through. That feeling aside, barber shops always have magazines and men’s pictures on the wall. At least where I came from having a signed Sinatra on the wall was all you needed to open a shop.

I can make out Sinatra on the wall, and also James Dean (left) and Cary Grant (right). The pictures of three different movie star generations. Dean was before my time, but he was the modern anti-hero. The Brando with the feminine softer side. Why was it that all these glamorous male heartthrobs were gay or gay-ish?

I think it’s the same reason that some of the most handsome men I’ve met have been gay. It seems to me that there are a few explanations. All of them completely not pc I’m guessing since I’ve never written about this before. But what if you can’t really be handsome unless you have a strong feminine side.

Well, now wait a minute. What are you going on, the three pictures that happen to be hanging in a barber shop on a particular day?

– ed: of course it was on a particular day. every day is a particular day.
Sinatra was a major league stud. I don’t know that much about Monty Cliff. You say he’s gay. Since when? He sure didn’t look like any sissy in Rebel without a Cause. Now Sal Mineo -that’s another story.

Well, that’s not the point. The point is that Cary Grant and Monty Clift were handsome and gay. And so was the great romantic hero of the 60s, by the name of Rock Hudson.

That’s where my mind went as I looked at the picture closely. From sleepy little Mayberry via Floyd’s barber shop to some squalid version of hollywood where the figures on the world brought back stories about the celebs. Well, I know that Barney always tried to comb his hair like Frank did! He’d even sing, no one in the place except you and me once in a while.

And it looks like that shop has had busier mornings.  Oh, and don’t discount the sign, “we do ladies hair.”

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