Notes after gallery show

During the summer of 2001, I did a gallery show somewhere in Connecticut.  Some very wealthy town near some other wealthy town.  I got about ten prints on the walls of the gallery (I don’t even know if I took pictures of it).  Anyway, I used to carry this journal around with me, and here’s what I wrote the morning after the opening night.


The morning after.  The most popular place in the gallery last night was the wine bar.  I think that they gave away a huge amount of wine.  Is that part of what’s necessary to free up the wallet?  Get ’em drunk – maybe they’ll buy something.  Or at least let the child (sp?) out.  [I can’t even read my own writing).

Somehow, I thought that the people would be more sophisticated.  Maybe I pictured it like a museum – where people come in and looked at the art carefully – stepped back – thought about it.  I don’t know.

I answered the same questions over and over – “where was that taken?”  Well, if you looked carefully, on the lower left corner (scan ends but on next page) most of the prints said where they were located!

All in all — the crowd seemed like well-heeled yokels.

Except for one couple – who realized how ridiculous the whole thing was – the guy told me that Sat. he’d be outside (some of the artists were in a fair outside the gallery) – he said he’d be outside answering the same dumb questions.  (He and I and his girlfriend hung out the next day hawking our wares).

“Girl w/ Giants” really confused nearly everyone.  Even though you can see the sidewalk – so many people asked, “How was that done?”

When I explained that the backdrop was just a large advertisement – they said things like – “That must’ve been huge!”  No kidding, that was the point.

[more later about the portfolio being passed around an ad agency]

It’s a weird journal because I started it writing my usual sort of stuff about what was going on in my head; but I also started writing down notes from the last page – with notes about developing techniques.  Eventually, the tech stuff met up with my life in the middle and I switched to another journal.

Girl with Giants
When the super big photographs began appearing to cover up new stores while they were being refurbished.

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