A Friends Exhibition

A longtime reader of this blog, Stephen Bray is having an exhibition in Europe.

He didn’t ask me to post this here, I’m just doing it because he’s been a good friend, and as you can imagine, I believe in giving all the support I can to other photographers.  Here’s the info he sent me:

Dave it’s me Stephen the guy from Turkey
who sometimes comments on your blog.

I’m trying to advance the number of
followers to the Facebook Page for the
Exhibition I’m holding here in Marmaris
from 28th May until 10th June.

Also I want to send press packs to any
journalists who may want to write a
few lines about this event, which marks
the start of a traveling exhibition that
grows as it moves from venue to venue.


Once we have 25 followers Facebook will
remove the numerical part of the page
reference and so our URL will be easier
to promote.

I doubt that New Yorkers are much interested
in the trees of Italy or Turkey, however
if you know of any journalists who might
appreciate a press-pack, or invitation
to the opening please let me know.

You’re invited of course.



Good luck Stephen! And you know I have a fondness for trees wherever they are.  Perhaps it’s because our ancestors came down from the trees?

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